I always say I'm going to take a day off but I never actually seem to  to do it. So... First, I made the changes on the site.  I consolidated the retail links and added a page for other authors or artists.  It's really for anybody who wants to read it.  I'm tired and I really need sleep so I can't be entirely sure that I wrote what I intended to write.  I could end up changing it.  Who knows.  I'm working on another story right now.  It's new and I don't even know how long it will be.  Of course, if it doesn't go where I want it to, I'll scrap it and start over.  It's one of those stories where I know my characters and I know how I want it to end but I have to get them there.  

I'm going to finish the fourth Indulgence story but need a few days away from the series.  Sorry, but Tamed really took it out of me.    In a day or so, I should have a better idea of where I stand with both stories and hopefully will be able to tell you a little more.


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