Is it just me or does anyone else see a wide range in the current prices for ebooks?  I can't say what goes through the minds of authors and/or publishers when they decide to add that price tag.  I for one, make my decision based on what I would be willing to pay.  No, I'm not paying $2.99 or more for something that has less than 10,000 words.  It's just not happening.   That little bit of entertainment is simply not worth that much to me.   Will I pay $.99 for it?   Yes, I will and I have.  I might even pay $1.99 for it but that would be my upper limit.  I'll pay a great deal more for a full length novel.  I read a hell of alot of books and I can honestly say, very little pisses me off more than to pay $3.0o for a short piece of garbage.   And yes, I've done it.  Unintentionally of course.  I've found that it is sometimes very difficult to judge how long a book is when you're looking at it online.  Not everyone includes a word count.  So, I made an executive decision (I can do that since I get to make all of the decisions about my stories.  It's the nice thing about being an independent author/publisher) and that decision was to start including the word count in the description.   Do I think my stories are worth the prices I set?  Yes, I do.  In fact, the prices of the novellas will likely increase to $2.99 in the near future since that was the initial price I had in mind.  Are they worth more than that?  Nope, not at this time.  Will you know how many words are in the story you're buying?  Yes.  If for some reason, the word count doesn't show up in the listing you're looking at, email me.  I'll tell you what it is before you buy it.  I really don't want unhappy customers.   That's the same reason I try not to publish garbage.  I'm sure not everyone will enjoy my stories no matter how much I'd like for them to.   But, I always try to make certain they're well written.  You won't find the five pages of fluff in between each event and hopefully, I won't butcher the English language.  I absolutely will not put something out there that I haven't proofed.    I guess that's my rant for the day.  If you have an opinion one way or the other, feel free to share.  If you prefer to keep your comments hidden, you can always send me an email.  I will respond.  

And by the way, Tamed:  A Tale of Indulgence is still coming soon.  I got stumped for a little while so I switched projects.  I usually have four or five going at once.  (I have a short attention span,)  I think I have the problem worked out and will have it available as soon as I can.  Remember, even once it's finished, I will still proof it repeatedly.  I'll let you know how it goes.

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