I finally found the iTunes link and it's now in the Retail Links drop down menu.  Keep in mind, it takes a while before my books hit retailers after they've been published at Smashwords.  Right now, it typically takes at least ten days before they're even approved for distribution and then it's probably a good two to three weeks from that time until they show up at retailers.  Tamed has not made it to most yet.  An Absolutely Incredible Valentine has not even been approved for distribution so it's unlikely to make it to retailers until after Valentine's Day.  But, it's still at Smashwords and it's still free if you want to give it a read.   I hope to have the rough draft of Captured finished in the next day or two but then it'll have to be edited so I'm still thinking at least a week and a half before it's even published at Smashwords.  I'll let you know.  I've got kid duty for much of today, you know, doing all of those things we as supportive parents are supposed to do.  I'll enjoy it and it will get me out of the house.  Into the rain I suppose, but at least out of the house.


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