First, I read Holding the Cards by Joey W. Hill.  I thought the overall story was great and I think the author is very talented but it had a little too much fluff for my taste.  I'm a "get on with it" reader so I get a little frustrated  with a lot of description.  And I'm not saying the whole story was like that because it wasn't.   I did like the book and would recommend it, but I didn't love it and I think I would have if there'd been a little less fluff.  Just my opinion.

Second, and I think this is pretty cool, Surrender made the iTunes erotica chart (24 yesterday) in the UK.  Yeah, I know it's not much, but for me, it felt pretty damn good to have a story make any chart when it wasn't listed for free and there are no reviews outside of Smashwords.  So, yep, I'm pleased.

Third, it's awfully damn cold here.  At least 30 below (and no I never exaggerate). Ok, it feels like it's 30 below.  I don't know why we got blasted but I'd really like for it to warm up.  I'm going to spend most of my day indoors and plan to work on Captured.  The last few days have been hectic and I'm pretty sure I have too many irons in the fire.  I'm also trying to finish a painting for a friend and I really need to get caught up on housework.  I'm stepping on lego pieces again and it requires a firm hand to get those pieces out of my floor.  So, I'll do what I can to work on my writing.

Last, does anyone ever check Harley's blog on Eros?   Apparently she posted a picture yesterday that caught some flack.  I haven't read the whole story but curious person that I am, I wanted to see the picture.   I'll say this.  I can't imagine that anyone, regardless of age, sex, or sexual orientation would not think that photo was hot.  And yeah, I know, you're probably wondering why I would think so since I said I don't like explicit photos.  Well, I didn't mean I didn't like them, I said I wouldn't use them for my book covers.  There's a difference.  I don't want someone to buy my book just because it looks good.  I've seen readers leave reviews based on the book cover alone when the story was truly awful.  What's on the outside of the book has nothing to do with what's on the inside and no, I still won't use them.   That's not to say I'll never consider using an erotic photo.  I might, as long as it leaves plenty to the imagination and doesn't qualify as soft porn.   And I can look at them all I like!


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