I know a lot of you already have this one and the feedback I've gotten back so far is great.  I'm glad you're enjoying it.   I also noticed that Amazon has a lower price on Surrender so I'm guessing they're picking up a lower price on one of the other sites.  I don't expect it will last long.  I'd still like to hear from you if you've read any of my stories or even if you haven't.  I love a good read so if you've come across something else you'd like to recommend, let me know.  

Oops. I forgot to mention, Friday Nights is showing up on Amazon at $2.99 when it's supposed to be $.99.  I've gone in and changed the price on their site to where it's supposed to be but it may take a few hours before they get it back to $.99.  Sorry, but it's beyond my control.  I wish they would update changes quicker but I don't see that happening.


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