In case you missed it, not only do I love to write, I also love to read.  Always have.  I can read a novel in a day and a short story in minutes.  I don't always have time but I own three different Kindles and I'm considering the Nook.  It's just convenient to buy ebooks because they're easy to take with me and frankly, there's no more room in my home for the physical edition of every book I read.  I do pick one up here and there but not often anymore.  I read everything (well, almost everything).  What I don't read makes for a shorter list.  Lately though, as I cruise down the virtual bookstore aisles looking for a good read, I find book covers that I'm offended by and I can tell you, I'm not easily offended.  Why have book covers gotten so graphic?  I can't look for a book if my kids are in the room because I don't know what kind of images are going to show up on a webpage.   Yes, I write adult fiction and yes I write explicit sex scenes but no, I don't put those images on my covers.  Maybe those covers help sell more books.  But they don't sell them to me.  I absolutely will not buy a book that features a cover with what appears to be a teenager  in a sexually explicit pose.  It's just not happening.   I personally, don't buy the ones that have adults in those same poses.  Am I a prude?   Absolutely not.  But, if that's what it takes to sell a book, I'm not interested.  Now I love the sexy covers (especially those that feature the naked upper bodies of gorgeous, muscular men, where do they find these guys?) but I don't want to look at the equivalent of soft porn when I'm shopping for a book.  So, I'm curious, is it just me?

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