Merry Christmas!   It took most of the night but presents were wrapped and within 30 minutes this morning, they were scattered across the living room. I guess I have the rest of the day to myself since my little electronic geniuses have taken their hard earned loot (they were good for part of the year) and disappeared to their rooms.

Our family tradition is to lay low on Christmas.  The kids get the entire day to enjoy their presents and I've always refused to drag them around to their relatives' houses.  The rest of my family is not thrilled with me but I've always maintained that Christmas is for the kids.  They'll just have to get over it.  I spent the greater part of my childhood Christmas days in a car and I'm not doing that to my kids.

Now, if it the weather was slightly better (it's cold and raining), I'd go for a ride but it's not happening today.  Guess I'll work on Tamed - the third Tale of Indulgence. 

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